We are always ready to spend much time to improve the product’s quality. We love precision and take care of details. We enjoy our work! Every day our team of professionals deliver printing plates developed at the highest possible level.


We have been dealing with dry offset packaging since 1993 and have prepared thousands of designs. We know how round objects are printed on, how printing machines work, and even the market of packaging’s consumers.

As the pre-press leader we have gathered wide experience by preparing designs for numerous packaging factories.


We work on Apple computers exclusively, thus granting safety, stability and top quality.

We use CTP technology with a 4000 dpi resolution, laser and specialist software that were purchased at ESKO, a pre-press technology world leader.


Over the years we have developed our own quality control procedures. We check both the designs and plates in such a way that errors are virtually non-existent. No plates with errors are submitted for printing. The designs are scrutinised the moment we receive them with regards to design errors, the artwork’s inconsistency with the printing technology. Once forms have been made, we verify each square millimetre.


We only use water washable photopolymers, a process which is not harmful for the environment. Apart from that, we are “safe” from changes in the E.U. regulations limiting the emission of solvents.

Water washable photopolymers and no solvents also grant safer working conditions.